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S32 Micrium uCOSIII with UART DMA on MPC5744P

Question asked by embedded_eng on Dec 14, 2016
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can anyone help me with UART - DMA Tx on Freescale MPC5744P. Im using Micrium uCOSIII Operating system, and DMA_Tx_Init is in one of the tasks (before while loop).

When i'm using DMA for UART Tx without OS it works great, but when uCOS is involved, DMA isn't triggering.


I suppose there are some flaws in my code involving interrupts, but i can't find any bugs.


Are there any known issues with uCOSIII involving DMA and/or interrupts?

Also, i'm not sure, if there are any special interrupt or int_vector i should enable or set?


Thank you.