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sd card layout for LS1046a?

Question asked by chris warth on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by chris warth

Is there any detailed documentation on how to put together RCW, u-boot image, linux kernel, and root filesystem on a single sd card?  


I am working with the LS1046ardb using NXP SDK 2.0.  So far I have built fsl-image-minimal and then written the image tmp/deploy/images/ls1046ardb/u-boot-sdcard.bin to sd card with, 


sudo dd if=u-boot-sdcard.bin of=/dev/disk2 bs=512 seek=8


This works fine, but I'm wondering why it needs to be written 4K bytes into the sd card.  And what other offsets are appropriate for the other components  like RCW, linux kernel, and rootfs?


This topic is almost addressed in Programming a New U-Boot, RCW and FMan Ucode on page 38 of 

QorIQ LS1046A BSP v0.4, but that section only addresses writing u-boot to sd card - nothing else.  It tells me I need to start the u-boot image 8*512 bytes into the card, but doesn't say anything about what can come before or after.


Thanks in advance.