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Boot from eMMC

Question asked by Victor Mazhbits on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by igorpadykov


I'd like to verify a resistor's board setting to BOOT from eMMC (please see attached).

1) In my design because of board spacing issue i have put only pull-down resistors on EIM_DA0-DA15 (BOOT_CFG1[0-5,7],BOOT_CFG2[0-2,5-7,11-12] ) ,i.e. only '0' may be configured externally and '1' i 'trust' in internal pull-up.. i.e. i.MX6 reads a values of inputs approximatelly 300uS-1mS after reset released, so pulled-up voltage is already stable.

2) In compare to SPF-27392 rev.C3.pdf (SabreSD schematic p.21 ) , I don't refer to EIM_A16-A24 (BT_CFG3_[0-7],BT_CFG4_0), EIM_WAIT/EIM_LBA/EIM_EB0,1/EIM_RW/EIM_EB2,3 (BT_CFG4_[1-7]).

Let's say that eMMC is already programmed.

I don't see any response on eMMC clock after power-up. 

Actually in Manufacture Mode i can read write eMMC content.


Please advice.