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USB Audio Class 2.0 support in KSDK2.0

Question asked by Ajay Patel on Dec 14, 2016



I am trying to run the usb audio speaker example application from KSDK2.0 on twr-k64 platform. This example application is running correctly. When I look at the code, I found that USB Audio Class 2.0 is disabled. I have enabled the USB Audio Class 2.0 by doing below code change : 

In usb_device_audio.h file,

/*! @brief Enables/disables the Audio Class 2.0 */
#define USBCFG_AUDIO_CLASS_2_0 1 /* enable the 2.0 class */


After above change, I have rebuilt the example application and tried to run it on twr-k64 board. But this time example did not work. USB audio speaker is not detected in PC. 


Is there any additional changes are required to add support for USB Audio Class 2.0 ?

Is KSDK2.0 USB Device stack support audio class 2.0 ?


Thanks in advance,