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We are using LS1043A, Addressing in IFC interface with 256MB NOR?

Question asked by Logesh S on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by Logesh S

We are using 2Gb Parallel NOR flash and connected to LS1043A using IFC interface. We are using external transceiver to demultiplex address and Data lines of IFC_AD[0-15]. For 2Gbit addressing we need 27 address bits and 16 data bits.


So, we are connecting as below,


LS1043A            NOR

IFC_A[27]     -      A0

IFC_A[26]     -      A1

IFC_A[25]     -      A2





IFC_A[2]       -   A25

IFC_A[1]       -   A26


In Reference Manual LS1043ARM, In Configuration, Control  and Status Register(CCSR) it said that IFC as Big Endian and Byte Swapping Required.


1. Shall we connect as above for accessing 2Gb NOR flash? Please confirm whether we need to connect as address bits in  Big Endian or Little Endian?


We are using 16-bit NOR flash, and similar to Address bits, Data bits are also swapped and connected to NOR flash from LS1043A.


2. Please confirm whether we need to connect as data bits in  Big Endian or Little Endian?