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We are using LS1043A, i have a query in Step one of Power sequencing shall we obtain other power rails (OVDD, LVDD, PLL Power) of step1 from 3.3V (DVDD,EVDD)

Question asked by Logesh S on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2016 by Logesh S

We are having a power architecture such that 3.3V(DVDD, EVDD) is generated from 12V(input to board), and from 3.3V we are generating rest of the power supplies required for processor 1.8V (AVDD_CGA1,AVDD_CGA2,AVDD_PLAT,AVDD_D1,OVDD,) & 2.5V (LVDD).


This step 1 is followed by Step 2 to Generate 1V (VDD,S1VDD) from 12V input, followed by,


Step 3 - 1.35V (G1VDD,X1VDD,AVDD_SD1_PLL1,AVDD_SD1_PLL2) is generated from 3.3V


Please confirm shall we follow this sequence? Please confirm whether shall we use sequence of DVDD, EVDD followed by OVDD, PLL power, LVDD in step 1 of power sequence as i mentioned above?