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IMX6Q SabreAuto h264 decoder not decoding to full range colors

Question asked by Ashutosh Srivastava on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by vikash patil

We have issue with one of h264 stream. This is test stream to check color displayed on the LCD screen,
In one of the screens. It has 16 bars representing 16 shades of gray. Starting from 0,16,32 ....... 240,255.

Issue we are facing is that we are not able to visually differentiate between 0,16 and 240,255 shades of gray.

We are using mxc_vpu like following command.

/unit_tests/mxc_vpu_test.out -D "-i video800x480x60.h264 -f2 -o 123.yuv -v h -t 0"

Above command line dumps video to 123.yuv file


When we check the dump in pc or in board we are not able to see colors.
There is no difference in 0,16 and 240, 255 (towards white)

Following is information regarding VPU
Product Info: i.MX6Q/D/S
VPU firmware version: 2.1.9_r36350
VPU library version: 5.4.12
Format: STD_AVC