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How can I determine the revision/version of MC68F375 so that I use the correct algorithm for its internal CMF FLASH?

Question asked by Sophie Dexter on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Fang Li

Is it possible decipher markings on the integrated circuit, tell from the part number, use default register values or otherwise determine which version of MC68F375 I have? The ordering information, here: MC68F375|32 Bit Microcontroller (MCU)|NXP, describes KMC68F375BGMZP33 as 'REV F SAMPLE' but doesn't obviously specify revision of the other parts, MC68F375BGMZP33 ,MC68F375BGMVR33R, MC68F375BGMVR33 or MC68F375MZP33R2.


I have MC68F375BGMZP33 parts (without a 'K' prefix) and the markings on one of the CPUs I have are:

MC68F375BGMZP33    -    Part number

8J28H                            -    This may relate to the chip/die revision

QQKE0809A                 -    This may be related to a manufacturing date


It's important for me to know because the CMF FLASH requires very different erase/program algorithms for different revisions of the CPU's CMF FLASH, from the General Market Driver for CPU32 user manual v1.06:


Part RevisionCMF Module RevisionProgram/Erase Algorithm
0, C, D, FCMF 55.0
F+CMF 5 Thick Tunnel Oxide5.1
G,HCMF 96.0, 6.1


Thank you in advance.