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Question of ECMS(MPC5674F)

Question asked by Luke Chun Employee on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by David Tosenovjan

Hello Team

Could you check about the question of ECMS(MPC5674F)?

As the RM's Chapter 16  ECSM introduction, it was written like following;

There are two types of ECC errors: correctable and non-correctable. A correctable ECC error is generated when only one bit is wrong in a 64-bit doubleword. In this case, it is corrected automatically by hardware and no flags or other indication is set that the error occurred. A non-correctable ECC error is generated when two or more bits in a 64-bit doubleword are incorrect. Non-correctable ECC errors cause an interrupt, and if enabled, additional error details are available in the ECSM.


As my understanding, it is “no flags” in case of 1bit error.


However it can be reported by ECSM_ESR. I think that 1 bit error is possible to report by ECSM_ECR enable and can be checked ECSM_ESR....

Could you let me know the meaning of “no flags” ?


Thank you.