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Code Signing Tool with Vybrid image larger than 8MB truncated

Question asked by Juan Diaz on Dec 12, 2016



I am using the EmCraft module with a Vybrid VF6, 512MB of SDRAM and 512MB of NAND Flash memory.


When I try to encrypt the linux image for Vybrid processor using the CST (Code Signing Tool), if the compiled image is larger than 8MBytes, the CST truncates the image than the resulting encrypted image is useless and it cannot be booted.


To generate the encrypted image, I use the compiled linux image (uImage) and a .CSF configuration file for the CST.


For images shorter than 8MBytes, I can load an encrypted image using the ZMK feature.


The version of the CST is 2.3.2, and it was downloaded from the NXP software tools.


My question is how I can encrypt a linux image larger than 8MBytes.