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K70F150M MQX 4.2 example project for clock configs ?

Question asked by Nitin Harish on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Nitin Harish

I am using MQX with IAR EWARM.

I have got K70f120M tower kit and example project running without any issue.


Now, I want to create a project for K70F150M processor, how do I even start, which files need to be changed from K70F120M to get to K70F150M.


Has anyone done this before, or can any one point me to the files that need to be changed. MQX has no example to do so.


To me it sounds like bsp_cm.h needs to have a correct clock frequency and then user_config.h needs to have correct MQX_CPU define.


Is that all ?


Can anyone guide me Mark Butcher, David E Seymour, soledad, Megan Hansen, Radek Sestak, Maclain Lobdell


Thanks in advance.