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GT911 is not working in Marshmallo imx6SL

Question asked by Jansi Rani on Dec 12, 2016
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we have a custom board same as iMX6SLEVK design in which Marshmallo is booting properly.

we added our custom display (5inch-800x480,Touch IC : GT911)to that board, display is working fine.Now we want to integrate GT911 Touch driver in Marshmallo.

we used goodix.c file which already available in the Marshmallo kernel source i.e

kernel-imx/drivers/input/Touchscreen/goodix.c file

At the boot time,we got the following logs for the goodix :


" ==goodix_ts_init==
goodix_ts_probe() called
I2C Address: 0x14
goodix_i2c_test() called
goodix_i2c_read() called
goodix_read_version() called
goodix_i2c_read() called
IC VERSION: 39 31 31 00 60 10
goodix_read_config() called
goodix_i2c_read() called
goodix_request_input_dev() called
input: goodix as /devices/soc0/soc/2100000.aips-bus/21a4000.i2c/i2c-1/1-0014/input/input1
client->irq = 73
End of goodix_ts_probe()  "


but if we touch the display touch is not responding .and we executed getevent command,we are not getting any events.


root@evk_6sl:/ # getevent                                                      
add device 1: /dev/input/event1
  name:     "goodix"


Please guide us how to solve this issue.

Thanks & Regards,