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Compiling the AXE Package with the LTIB

Question asked by Antonio Del Cinque on Jul 7, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2008 by Coray Tate
Hi all,
I'd like to create and run a task on the MPC5121e AXE processor for performance testing. On the ADS5121 BSP docs I found:

"To compile the axe package you need to copy the axe_scheduler package and the axe codec binary package axe_codecs_linux_20080219_bins.tar.gz into /opt/freescale/pkgs"

but i could not find these files in the BSP, nor on the gpp. Is there any other place I should check?

Also, it seems I need CodeWarrior to build code for the AXE processor. Isn't there a toolchain and HOWTO available for building without CW? I could not register CW (it seems my product key is not accepted anymore!)