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i.MX6 quad SATA performance getting worse.

Question asked by Ju-hak Park on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hi NXP support,


I was requested from one of my customer to check SATA HDD access speed between kernel version 3.14.28 and 3.14.52.

So I built 3.14.28, 3.14.52 and 4.1.15 and tested all then found HDD access speed is significantly getting worse than 3.14.28 kernel.

I can get the result over 100MB/s access speed both read and write on 3.14.28.

But, I got disappointable access speed with 3.14.52 and 4.1.15 that is less than 35MB/s for writing, 60MB/s for reading.

It is less than 1 of 3 speed for writing and half speed for reading when it compares to 3.14.28.

They expect to get HDD access speed as same as 3.14.28 that is "Read over 100MB/s and Write over 80MB/s" with SATA-2 HDD.


I have 2 questions regarding this issue.

1. Could you please let me know what is the root cause of this issue and how to fix this issue?

2. Can you guarantee whether it is no problem if I use 'ata related' codes in driver/ata directory from 3.14.28 with 3.14.52 kernel?


Please check.

Thanks in advance.