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PF3000 fails to start

Question asked by TETSUO MAEDA on Dec 11, 2016
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We are using PF3000 as the power source to iMX.6 CPU.
In the high temperature environment, PF3000 sometimes fails to start.
At the first power ON, PF3000 always start normally.
We turn off the system, then we start it again, PF3000 sometimes fails to start.

Attached is the output behavior of PF3000.

Upper photo shows the behavior of the normal operation and the second photo shows the behavior when PF3000 fails to start.

When PF3000 start normally, VSNVS goes up to around 3V, but when it fails to start, VSNVS stays around 1V and  does not move up.

We are struggling to solve the problem.

I'd appreciate your advice.




Tetsuo Maeda