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i.MX6Q failure DRAM address decoding

Question asked by Linjun Wei on Dec 11, 2016


From i.mx6q platform. I get these DDR3 memory fail address (0x37f5ab3c;0x33e2ecd8;0x1619b724;0x1c229744) form uboot 2009.8 mtest test item.How can I get actual DRAM hardware address (such as DQ/bank/row/column )from these uboot failure address?

This board DRAM schematic refer to i.MX6Q_SDB, System DRAM density is 1GB(based on 2Gb DDR3x16,4PCS ,CS0),DRAM use bank interleaving on mode. I try to decode 0x37f5ab3c address.Get the DRAM bank=5, ROW=0x5FD6,COL=0x2CF.

From address 0x37f5ab3c read data is 55455555,expect data is 55555555. I get the failure bit is Bit20.But i don't get DRAM DQ and which one DRAM fail.


Other address failure info:

ADD 0x33e2ecd8 read out data is 0xAAEAAAAA,expected data is 0xAAAAAAAA;

ADD 0x1619b724 read out data is 0x45555555,expected data is 0x55555555;

ADD 0x1c229744 read out data is 0xAAABAAAA,expected data is 0xAAAAAAA.