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Code compiles but can not be uploaded to KL03 32K by IAR development tool.

Question asked by Rick Stuart on Dec 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Rick Stuart

Using IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 7.3 I can not upload my C code project into a NXP KL03 32Kbyte processor.


I get this warning:


Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:46:23: Warning: Target inconsistency detected in Memory range 0x1FFFF800-0x1FFFF807


...then the IAR development tool falls apart with fatal errors about warnings during download of FLASH loader (assumed to be the above warning) and stating that other files (which I know are there) can not be found.


If your 1st though is that there is something at fault with any of the hardware (computer, PEmicro-Pod, Target or KL03-Processor), let me add that I can upload the same project after adjusting IAR to use a KL03 16Kbyte part with no problems what so ever.


If your 2nd thought is that the KL03 is not a 32Kbyte part but is in fact a 16Kbyte part, well, you may be correct.  I don't really know.  The section of the NXP documentation that describes the chip markings has been accidentally / purposely left out of the KL03 chip specifications.  However, if you do know how to read the KL03 chip identification numbers, all the characters etched into the top of the KL03 chips I have are:  "P03T5V" and "PSABA".  (Note, if you read the other KL chip specifications (i.e. KL02 & KL17), you will find the number 5 infers the processor contains 32Kbytes of program / flash memory.  Also, the packaging direct from NXP has a sticker on it with the full part number inferring these are 32Kbyte parts.)


If your 3rd thought is that I have not properly configured IAR to handle a 32Kbyte KL processor, well, you may be correct also.  However, I have successfully accomplished this same procedure while switching from a KL17 32Kbyte part to a larger KL17 64K part.  But I confess, there are so many IAR issues / changes when switching something as simple and as basic as program memory size that I may have over looked or incorrectly implemented some of them.  So any help in pointing me toward what ever might have cause the warning above in the IAR log would be appreciated.