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How to use eMMC & uSD as boot devices on i.MX6UL custom board, boot selectable without removing other

Question asked by Punit Kumar on Dec 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by jing li


I'm using my self made custom i.MX6UL board with 4GB eMMC chip mounted and tested successfully. Now I wish to make another board with added uSD card and an option to select any one of the two storage for booting the board.

Please help me over the same, how can i do this?

Also the selection can be based on some jumper settings, like disabling one device to use another for boot as both eMMC & uSD card are to be connected to the same ports (i found it from the EVK schematic, if there is any other possibility, please tell me as there is one more SDcard interface available).

igorpadykov?,Yuri Muhin?



Punit Kumar