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USB Host Example code for LPC4357

Question asked by Muralidhar M on Dec 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Mitchell Jones


Could you provide us any example code for LPC4357 lib USB as host for mass storage devicec available?

We have gone through the post on this community entitled LPC4357 libUSB as host for mass storage device

In that a reply from the LPC Ware by (sundarapandian) we could find the code useful but we couldn't able to find the Library files  lib_lpc_chip_43xx.lib and lib_lpc_board_keil_mcb_4357.lib in the driver for the usb host  LPC43xx (lpcopen_2_09_keil_iar_keil_mcb_4357). So kindly provide us with the library files so that could be able to implement the application