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EBI bus interface in MPC5777C controller

Question asked by Shalaka Shinde on Dec 8, 2016
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I have confusion on how to configure the data and address lines in EBI of MPC5777C controller.

I want to use Muxed-32 bit mode (with two 1Mx16 MRAM chips (20 address lines) and two 64Mx16 NOR Flash chips) with chip selects 0 and 1 for MRAM and NOR flash respectively.

As shown in the table above, Address [9:15] are dedicated address pins and functionality will always be address irrespective of mode settings.

D_ADD_DAT[0:15] pins are multiplexed for Add#ress[0:15] and Data[0:15].

First of all, in pin-out of the controller, this name is not mentioned on these pins and it is mentioned as D_DAT[0:15].


1. Are these pins really multiplexed? or only function is data?

2. If they are multiplexed with Address[0:15], then Address[9:15] is getting duplicated at two places.

Will it be generated at two set of pins?

3. Address[9:15] can also be configured as GPIOs.

If I do so, will address duplication affect the function of my GPIOs, in case answer to question 2 is yes?



how pins D_OE, D_WE0, D_WE1, D_WE2, D_WE3, D_RD_WR are supposed to be used for different chip selects?