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Regarding TEA1721 Damage issue

Question asked by Ravindra Mahadik on Dec 8, 2016

   I am using TEA1721AT for three phase SMPS in motor control panel. I designed and tested it in lab upto 4KV. But it get damaged. Foe designing I had used reference design UM10520.

    I designed this for 1200VDC and test up to 700VAC using auto transformer. I only make change that removed 150V zener/TVS diode. Other devices with same design are working on field very well.

   I want to know what are the reasons that IC may get damage or burnt out. I am sharing the field situation so that you can better give us solution -    


1.  IC damage after devices get settled so no chance of start surge.

2. We have given enough thermal pad. you can judge with photo I attach.

3. Is high voltage is the issue? If it is then what its maximum range. Please keep in mind I had test it with 1000VDC with load for a enough time.



                    Waiting For reply.


Thank you.