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mbed into KDS is there an easy way?

Question asked by Jack Silberman on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2017 by Jack Silberman

Hello Fellows,

Newbie here, be patient with me ;-).

I spent few hours for the last 4 days on and off trying to find a solution before posting here. It seems some folks have this working since earlier this year with GCC4mbed.

Is GCC4meb required for us to be able to use eclipse compiling mbed code if we already have set and environment using eclipse to cross compiler to ARM? i.e., KDS 3.x (Kinetis Development Studio)

That is, if we have KDS working including debugging, why can't we use the mbed IDE export project to KDS, then import in KDS and do a build it all?

I was under impression that this was the cool advertised part of the export from the mbed IDE... The sources would come along with the project and one could build it all in the particular off-line environment.

Of course, I am writing this note to you because the export/import/build is failing for me with the simple mbed Blinky on K64F platform. I can post exactly the errors to you here. But so I don't look too silly, first I decided to ask if this was supposed to be plug and play process in December 2016 (vs. earlier in the year requiring gcc4meb) or I should install some pre-compiled mbed OS libraries in the KDS environment first and or gcc4mbed is required.

PlatformIO import/compile worked compiling mbed exampled. But having the pay* to use the debugging functionality wont work for us.

  • My ultimate goal is to use the mbed IDE then KDS with kids ranging from middle school to high school using Windows and Mac. So the export / import in an easy installed development environment such as KDS can be very handy.

Thank you! -Jack