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mpc 8309 pci master and agent

Question asked by wei yang on Dec 8, 2016
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   i new to use mpc8309's pci, my board has two mpc8309,one as pci master,other as pci agent,between them is pci bus.pci master 8309 read or write agent 8309 through pci bus,agent 8309 also can read or write the same addr.i know 

need set pci outbound and pci inbound, i don’t know  PCI Outbound Translation Address Registers (POTARn)  and  PCI Inbound Translation Address Registers (PITARn) how to set, please give me some advices.

if i use mpc8309 as a master pci device.

if  PCILAWBAR0 values is 0x80000000.

i want to know pci outbound transiation address、pci outbound base address how to set