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Kinetis UART: using DMA and ISR possible?

Question asked by Dave Nadler on Dec 9, 2016
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Kinetisis K64F. I'd like to send characters out the UART using DMA, and receive using an ISR. I configured a DMA channel to send to the UART (triggered from the URT TRE signal). I set TDMAS, which says "Configures the transmit data register empty flag, S1[TDRE], to generate interrupt or DMA requests if C2[TIE] is set". So I set TIE as well, but now I never get the DMA transfer, but the RX_TX ISR is called repeatedly...


Is it possible to send with DMA while receiving with an ISR? If so what bits need be set?


Thanks in advance for any help,
Best Regards, Dave