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LPC1833 USART2 doesn't work, why?

Question asked by Patrick Witting on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Kerry Zhou


i am working on a LPC1833.

i managed to get the UART1 run and was able to send and receive my necessery Data.

Since this was just a useful possibility for the first testing, i now use the USART2.

The following things i have changed:


RX Pin = 14 -> RX Pin 16

TX Pin = 13 -> TX Pin 15

UART1_IRQHandler -> UART2_IRQHandler



But it was not possible for me to send a single byte via USART2.

Did i missed something in the setup. I also recognized that in USART2 the TER2 is set. 

I removed this from the init because this register (TER2 not TER1) is not described in the Reference manual.


Any advice would be great.

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