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Pins 2.0 assignment issues for MCIMX7D7DVK10SC

Question asked by Matt Davis on Dec 8, 2016

I have encountered errors configuring MCIMX7D7DVK10SC using Pins 2.0


Pin assignment issues:
      AH01 - VSS-088 (Other VSS pins are X'ed out, should this be X'ed out as well?)
      W27 - should be DRAM_DATA16
      Y28 - should be DRAM_DATA19
      AA26 - should be DRAM_DATA20
      AB26 - should be DRAM_DATA21
      AB27 - should be DRAM_DATA22
      AB28 - should be DRAM_DATA23


Power group issue:

      Power group ADC2_VDDA_1P8 doesn't exist for the 12x12 package


I have attached a .mex file with these pins selected. The values shown do not match the datasheet.


What is the proper channel to request a fix for these issues?


Thank you.

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