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Using glTexDirectVIVMap what is the pixel arrangement for GL_VIV_YV12?

Question asked by Tanguy Mezzano on Dec 8, 2016
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I'd like to have some more specific information about the function glTexDirectVIVMap from the OpenGL extension support.
In the i.MX 6 Graphics User's Guide, I can see that the fourth parameter of this function (GLenum format) can be either YUV or RGBA format. In my case I need to send image data in Bayer format to this function but since this format is not supported, I chose the GL_VIV_YV12 format instead and somehow tried to arrange the bytes of my Bayer image as if they were constituting the Y plane of the image data I have. I made some tests assuming that the bytes of the Y plane are stored first for an image in GL_VIV_YV12 format but I got bad results in my application.

Could you indicate me what is the proper pixel arrangement for an image in GL_VIV_YV12 format ?