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How to calculate RSSI and LQI values

Question asked by vihang jani on Dec 7, 2016
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            I have seen JN-AN-1175-JN516x-Packet-Error-Rate-Tool for PER test for SE profile and Started communication between AN1175_PER_TTY_Master and AN1175_PER_Slave  Application on JN5168 chip.


On AN1175_PER_TTY_Master Application SIde


I give  below details on CLI.

>Channel: 11
Power Mode: Low
Power Level: 24
Retries: 3
LEDs: Disabled

Up(1) Down(2) Select(3)


I got result on ACK mode

Channel 11
Mode Ack
Seen 0
Total 3322
PER % 100.0
CCA Fail % 0.0
Retries 3
Chan (1) Stop (2) Mode (3)


I need to add RSSI  Field in this Application. How to calculate RSSI or which APIs is used?.

Do you know anyone ?,If yes,please put the steps or details.