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Problem with USB Dongle License CW V10.6.4

Question asked by Alex Ruff on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by Jackie chen

Hello CodeWarrior Support,


I am using a very similar setup with Coder Warrior V10.6.4 as my colleagues:

Windows 7 64Bit

USB license Dongle

Of course I installed the FLEXId_D.exe drivers and the FSLFlexLMinstall.exe.

Checking the licence manager (lmtool.exe) I can see the correct FLEXID which matches the licene.dat file.

I can even see the status "activated" in the CW IDE Help->  Page -> Freescale Licenses Page.

But after I run my compilation command over the console (toolchain does not use IDE) I still get the error:

"ERROR L4025: This limited version allows only 65536 bytes of C code"

I already double checked the installation reinstalled compiler, drivers and flexlm sw the same way my collegues did but still face the same license error.

Somehow I suspect an unfortunate constellations of different license dongles/files in my system which I also need besides CW.

Can someone give me a hint on how to solve this issue. Because based on the retrieved FLEXID and correct license status in the IDE it seems not to be a driver issue.

Thank you for your support!

Best regards