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Problem in my application board

Discussion created by Santhosh Gowda on Jul 7, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2008 by Santhosh Gowda
       In our project we  use HCS08 family controller (MC9S08GB60).When we switch on the board the voltage across Vcc and Ground will maintain 3.3V and also RESET pin is always high,but the voltage between BKGD and Ground will start decreasing frm 3V to nearly 0.3V.So i not able to dump my code from PC (host) to target board.It shows the error saying that bus freequency changed from 4MHz to 0Hz and BKGD currently driven low.So there is no synchronisation between my target and host .There is no capacitor from BKGD pin of the controller to the BKGD pin in 6 pin connector which is used to connect BDM. I checked the voltage arross BKGD and GROUND after removing capacitor in EXTERNAL RESET path,then also i got the same result.Earlier this problem is not seen in the same board, recently this problem started and even in the new board also this problem there.
     Can you suggest me what was the wrong in my board design,why the BKGD pin give low even BDM connected or disconnected to target. 
          Kindly suggest a solution for this problem