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iMX6UL Ethernet performance issue with LCD

Question asked by Durmuş Kurtuluş on Dec 7, 2016
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I'm testing the ethernet performance of my custom iMX6UL board (based on EVK board):

Linux BSP version: 3.14.52_1.1.0

Ethernet port: FEC1

PHY & speed: KSZ8081RNB & 100 Mbps full-duplex

Test method: Transferring a large file (1.5 GB) via sftp using FileZilla

LCD: 7" (800x480 px), refresh rate=60Hz (lcd_frequency corresponds to 33.3MHz)


With lcdif disabled:

There is no problem at all. The file transfer progresses with a nice 3.5 MB/s speed. I check the output of "ifconfig" for errors and there are none.


With lcdif enabled:

When just the console output is on the screen there seems to be no problem with file transfer, but I see some occasional RX errors in "ifconfig" output.

When I run a gui application, file transfer speed drops significantly (it becomes about 20-30 KB/s) and RX error counter blows up. There are like 50-100 errors per second.

ifconfig output

Sometimes even FileZilla connection is lost giving a "Corrupt Packet" error and about a few seconds later it resumes the transfer.


I checked the 50MHz clock into the PHY and it seems fine.

I tried lowering the display refresh rate, but still the errors occur however slightly less.

I should also mention that when I adjust ethernet speed as 10 Mbps and half-duplex, there are no more errors and transfer speed is around 800 KB/s.


From "imx6ul.dtsi" file I see that LCD and FEC1 are on the same processor bus (that is "aips2" bus). Could this be the result of bus contention due to heavy LCD load? Is there a way to see the bus usage? Is there a similar issue in EVK boards?