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Do most users use LPCOpen, or do they roll their own drivers?

Question asked by Keith Mikoleit on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by xianduidong

I am having issues getting started with LPCOpen.  I am working with an LPC11U2X and Keil MDK/uVision as the toolchain.  I have downloaded v2.17 for the LPC1125, which seems to be the latest.  I can build the library and the examples fine, but when import the library to my own project the compiler can't find the API.  The documentation for v2 seems to be lacking as well, for example the GPIO API aren't in the associated chapter in the .chm i downloaded.  Are there any additional examples or documentation on LPCOpen v2?  Do most users use this library, or do they roll their own drivers from the user manual?