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LS1021A Ethernet Receive Carrier Sense Error Counter counts up!

Question asked by Matthias Fuchs on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by bpe



I have the LS1021A running on a custom board that is very similiar to the TWR board.

In some situations - I cannot say in which one exactly - I loose some ping packets and I see

ethtool counting rx-carrier-sense-errors.


I figured out that this counter counter comes directly from the eTSEC RMON MIB register eTSECx_RCSE.

What does this register really count? Where should I start diggin'




root@sdk2-0-105:~# ethtool -S eth2 | grep err      rx-allocation-errors: 0      rx-large-frame-errors: 0      rx-short-frame-errors: 0      rx-non-octet-errors: 0      rx-crc-errors: 0      rx-overrun-errors: 0      rx-busy-errors: 0      rx-babbling-errors: 0      ethernet-bus-error: 0      tx-babbling-errors: 0      tx-underrun-errors: 0      tx-timeout-errors: 0      rx-fcs-errors: 0      rx-alignment-error: 0      rx-frame-length-error: 0      rx-code-error: 0      rx-carrier-sense-error: 24      tx-deferral-packets: 0      tx-excessive-deferral-packets: 0  .....