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Not a bug: KDS breakpoints don't work with Segger JLink

Question asked by Dave Nadler on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by Dave Nadler

Note: This post was split into the solved portion below, and a separate bug report (missing call stack, debugger crash).
Thanks to Erich for explaining the problem below.


K64F Freedom board, KDS 3.2.0 with all available updates installed, Windows 8 64-bit host.

Latest J-link updates are installed: JLink_V612a dated 2-December (KDS and J-link firmware both updated).
While KDS mostly works for an LED blinky application we're having serious problems with anything non-trivial (like our application).


We gave up on the NXP-provided OpenSDA SWD interface as it was too slow and buggy.
Purchased a couple of Segger J-Link Base units, cut the required traces on the Freedom board, and gave it a try...

Many things work for my C/C++ application; with J-Link I can:

- download into flash (15x faster than NXP-provided programming),
- start a debug session,
- catch a breakpoint coded as "__asm("bkpt #0");"
- examine variables (both stack and static)
- pause and continue execution
- single step

Unfortunately I cannot:
- set a breakpoint in KDS IDE (it tries, but shows a funny line through Eclipse breakpoint symbol)
- see a stack call trace when the program is paused (though it shows the current routine)

Below are snapshots of:
- the funny not-set breakpoints,

Segger has confirmed these are problems with KDS.

Is there any hope of getting these problems fixed?

Would you recommend using a different development environment for non-trivial applications on K64F?

Best Regards, Dave