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How to use bluetooth to receive telephone call

Question asked by on Dec 6, 2016


   Pardon me for my english is poor, I will describe my question continuously.

   I'm use imx6q chip on we designed board, my software version is android6.0.1, board is used in car,and has no 4G modem. bluetooth chip is AP6335(wifi bt 2in1).

   Now I have a question that when I use bluetooth to connect my IMX board and my mobile phone ,how can I use bluetooth to receive phone call and talk? Is there any document about how to debug this issue?

   At present, after bluetooth connected ,IMX board cound not use soundrecord appliation, (I have upload logcat file named bluetooth conect then recorder fail.txt behind). and my phone play music but there is no sound out from  phone or IMX board.if bluetooth disconnect,these function work well.

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