Oliver Scholz

Intermittent problem accessing 5223x with TBLCF

Discussion created by Oliver Scholz on Jul 6, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2008 by Chris Johns
Hello everyone,

I have a strange problem accessing my 5223x board with DanielM's TBLCF board.

When things work, they keep working, I can erase, flash, debug... everything.

But sometimes things don't work.TBLCF is recognized and the LED flashes, but the blank check
and verify blank, programming, basically every access fails with a "Flash Programmer: CFGDIProtocolPlugin : An error occurred while trying to read registers" message in the log file.

When I turn off target initialisation, erase runs to completion, but I'm not sure the device is actually erased.

The funny part is, I have not managed to find the reason for this behavior. I am using the exact same config file I'm using when everything works. I have unplugged and replugged TBLCF, both the USB side and the CF side. Powering down the target does not help either, neither does reset. Reboot of the PC, no effect.

But turning everything off, cursing, going to bed, and powering everything up the next day seems to help, because things tend to run again the next day.

Of course this slows down development immensely, I'd like to get this thing to run, or at least know what to do to prevent this from happening the next time I try to work on my project.

Any help will be appreciated!

Best regards,