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How to configure channels 1-7 of FTM0 under PPG mode using Processor Expert

Question asked by Designer11 on Dec 5, 2016
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I'm able to configure FTM0 channel 0 to work as PPG, PpgLdd1:PPG_LDD in Processor Expert of the K64 demo board. However, i don't know how to configure the remaining channels of  FTM0 to output PWM. In my use case, only one channel of the timer will be active at a giving time and it needs the ability to change either the frequency or duty cycle at run time. I tried to enable clock configuration 1-7 of FTM0, but the option is grayed out. I also understand that you can't assign multiple channels of the same timer due to the the FTM counter being active.

However, since, i only need one channel to be active at a giving time can i let's say enable channel 0 to finish a giving task then disable it. Next, enable channel 1 to perform another task then disable it, and enable the next channel etc...


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