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CodeWarrior ARMv8 - not setting HWA_CGA_M2_CLK_SEL RCW bits

Question asked by Greg Davis on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by Adrian Stoica

When using CodeWarrior ARMv8 to generate a binary RCW to use for NOR FLASH boot of an LS1043A processor, the QorIQ configuration tool is not setting the HWA_CGA_M2_CLK_SEL bits (509-511). These bits are always set to 000 no matter which option is selected in QorIQ configuration.


I know that u-boot will generate the RCW/PBL with checksum from cfg files, and include the generated RCW/PBL in the binary for SD card and NAND boot but u-boot does not have facilities to do the same for a NOR image. How can I generate an RCW/PBL with HWA_CGA_M2_CLK_SEL set correctly and checksum generated outside of the CodeWarrior QorIQ configuration tool? Or is there a fix to the QorIQ configuration tool in CoeWarrior ARMv8?