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Not able to access Mic from Android Application

Question asked by vishal Gautam on Dec 5, 2016

Hello Experts,


I have ported recently ported bluedroid to iMX6Q-AI board. Below is the software stack of mine:


OS:- Android Marshmallow 6.0.1

Kernel:- 3.14.52

U-boot:- 2015.04


Here, i want to realize BT HFP  profile. in order to get this i connect mic to J26(1). With this i am not able to record from mic as expected(no data). Instead i am getting data from J26(2). 


Also, i observed that i am able to record voice through sound recored app provided in BSP through J26(2) instead of J26(1).


I am attaching adb logcat and the Android application i developed for the purpose.

Please help me with this else it will be great if you can share me some application code like A2dpSink you have provided in BSP to realize HFP (call functionality).


Thank you,


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