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Question of MCP577C MCAN

Question asked by Luke Chun Employee on Dec 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by Luke Chun

Hello Team


Could you check the question of MCP577C MCAN?


When I checked the 41.3.3 Data Bit Timing and Prescaler Register (M_CAN_DBTP) on 5777C RM Rev.7, I found the below mention.

The CAN bit time may be programed in the range of 4 to 49 time quanta.


As my known, thq above mention's means that 4~49 means the sum of [DTSEG1 + DTSEG2 + 3]…

However the minimum value of DTSEG1 and DTSEG2 is “0”…..

So the programed in the range is possible to 3 to 49…([0 + 0 + 3] ~ [ 0x1f + 0xf + 3]) if I use the below register information.


Could you check this question?



Thank you.