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SATA performance degradation

Question asked by Christian Kim on Dec 4, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hi, Community


I've update kernel 3.14.28 to 3.14.52 recently. I've connect hdd(2T) to sata interface.

but I've found performance degradation regardless which format have with sata hdd read/write test.

Result is HUGE degradation between 3.14.28 and 3.14.52. How to remove SATA degradation point ?



file system is based on ext4. bsp is commercial.

cpu : imx6dual

command : iozone -a -n 4096m -g 4096m -i 0 -i 1 -f /mnt/HDD1/iozone.tmpfile -Rb ./iozone


<test result>

- 3.14.28 kernel : write 100Mb/s, read 120Mb/s

- 3.14.52 kernel : write15Mb/s, read 60Mb/s