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Developing on Mac OS X with KL25z, debug and flashing

Question asked by mahieu lucas on Dec 3, 2016
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I come on the community to find help about the way to use KL25z with my macbook pro.


I am working on a projet for which I need to use a KL25z.


I don't use any IDE, and I don't want to use any one.

I have built my one Makefile compiling with arm-none-eabi-gcc.


This work very well, I can drag and drop the .srec on the FRDM-KL25z from a Linux or Windows computer.


But on my mac, I don't succeed to drag and drop the .srec. In fact, the .srec can be drag and drop, but nothing happened after that (the red led which has to blink, don't do it).


I would like to have advise and information about which bootloader I have to use in my case.

P&Micro ? CMSIS-DAP ? I also heard about SEGGER J-Link, what is the difference between all these different technology ?  


An other question is about the the debug. I have heard about OpenOCD, is it possible to use it in my case ?

If not, do you have some advice for me ?


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