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Need of PMSM(BLDC) FOC codes for KINETICS KV1x series

Question asked by VIGNESHKUMAR P on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by Josef Tkadlec

Hi, I am using my own board of MKV10Z32VLC7 , which uses FOC algorithm to control the PMSM(BLDC) motor. I just ported the codes from MC56F82726 that is working fine with that algorithm. But after the porting and and changed the motor control libraries according to KINETICS its not working here. Am using RTCESL - CM - 4.3 motor control library.


Initially the motor runs fine in open loop but after changing to closed loop control(FOC) it stops its rotation.


Is there any specific codes available for KV10 series to make FOC algorithm or any existing working codes are available ?