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TRK-KEA128 Vs FRDM-KEAZ128 boards

Question asked by Riccardo Ventrella on Dec 3, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by Riccardo Ventrella


I've a bit of experience about CAN/CANOpen in the past, and I'd like to play a bit

with the Kinetis EA mcus, targeting some CAN experiments.

Being new to this environment, I'd like to understand from your experts point of view,

which would the best board to start with between:






As far as I can see, the former is more CAN oriented, so could fit my needs but the second one

seems to be a bit more general purpose and cheaper, exposing many other pins other than the CAN one.


I've also other constrain to this: I need an IDE/toolchain which can be installed on a MacBook.

Since the S32 DS seems to be targeted on Windows system only, I can focus my choice to:


Kinetis Dev Studio




I see the second one is shipped in bundle with the TRK-KEA128, while the first one seems to 

work on Mac only using the Segger J-link.


About this last point I'm a bit confused: both boards support the OpenSDA, so I guess

I could use the USB to upload the firmware on both of them, even if my machine is a Mac,

am I correct?


So, please, if any of you has some experience between these 2 boards, please let me know

which could be the one which could fit my needs.