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[Help]Document or Tutorial with MAPS-KS22F256 main and dock board

Question asked by Nguyen TienChuan on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by Kerry Zhou

Hi everyone.
I'm beginner with ARM cortex MCU.
I get a MAPS-KS22F256 main and dock board to learn programming.
I tried to search document on NXP site but almost is China langguage, it make me difficult to understand(using google translate to English )
Now, I want to get more doc or tutorial of this dev KIT.
Please show me some basic tut ( getting started , build project, blink led,.....on KEIL MDK).
I have just downloaded KS22 SDK but i don't known the way to build and download to dev KIT.
Please help me .
Thanks you.