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memtool reading IPU registers hangs

Question asked by Qufei Wang on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by Qufei Wang

on a custom board, the memtool reading IPU1 and IPU2 and VDOA modules hangs. Most other modules work fine.


[root@freescale home]# ./memtool IPU1.*
./memtool IPU1.*
SOC is mx6q

IPU1 Addr:0x2400000


I did enabled the all clocks as Yuri said, using the following lines:


./memtool 0x020c4068=0xffffffff

./memtool 0x020c406c=0xffffffff

./memtool 0x020c4070=0xffffffff

./memtool 0x020c4074=0xffffffff

./memtool 0x020c4078=0xffffffff

./memtool 0x020c407c=0xffffffff

./memtool 0x020c4080=0xffffffff


thanks a lot!