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Preserve Flash Memory with Debug Build (Debug as)

Question asked by David XY Zhou on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by David XY Zhou

Hi ,

I have K60 tower board, and am using Code Warrior 10.6.4 with MQX 4.2


I am using part of flash memory for system configuration. System Configuration data is saved. But every time if I reload firmware, the data is cleared. So I want to exclude 0x60000 to oxFFFFF flash memory and only designate 0x0 to 0x60000 for code area. It works if it is release build. (See Advanced Options below). But for debug mode, the debugger aborts after the Preserve this Range (Range1) is checked and sets to from 0x60000 to 0xFFFFF.

Second: Now the debugger desn't work even if Preserve is unchecked and addresses boxes are reset to 0x0. I have to create a new debug connection to fix the problem.





Thank you,

David Zhou