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PN532 ISO14443-4 communication Issue

Question asked by Christian Grenier on Dec 1, 2016
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I'd like to communicate very fast from a PN532 (PICC) device with a PN512 (PCD) Initiator using the ISO14443-4.  I have a lot of data to transfer from PICC to PCD.  Since the PN512 has only 64 bytes in the FIFO, the PN532 uses the chaining mode to transfer 256 bytes.  I use the command 0x8E in PN532 to send 256 bytes and I can see that there're 4 x 64-bytes transmitted from PN532 to PN512.  


I attached an image to show the first 64 bytes transmission.


I'd like to understand why it takes several ms for the PN532 to transmit the first 64 bytes.  Is there a way to improve that?  To reduce the process time to send the first packet?


Please, refer to the image to understand my issue.  I took several days before posting this message.  


Thank you very much!