Tang Qiwei

How can I change the compile  characteristic of  .bss section  in CW6.3 ?

Discussion created by Tang Qiwei on Jul 4, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2008 by Tang Qiwei
In CW6.3 ,the first defined bss varible will always  be compiled  to the last address of  bss section.

For example,the bss section is located in 0x2000_0000~0x2000_ffff, and i define two bss variables in *.h file
:unsigned int var1;
 unsigned int var2;

In the MAP file,the address of var1 will be 0x2000_0004, var2 will be 0x2000_0000.

In my project ,I want the address of var1 is 0x2000_0000, var2  is 0x2000_0004.

How can I get it?