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Charger Detect registers

Question asked by vix on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by vix

I work on a SOM from Toradex, based on VF61 SoC.

I'm trying to investigate the built in charger detection mechanism in the Vybrid SoC, so I downloaded the reference manual (VFXXXRM Rev. 0, 10/2016)

I did some tests, both with a dedicated wall charger and with a host charger, but I can't understand completely how registers USB_ANALOG_USB0_CHRG_DETECT and USB_ANALOG_USB0_CHRG_DETECT_STATUS.


If I set FORCE_DETECT bit in the USB_ANALOG_USB0_CHRG_DETECT register I'm able to distinguish three different conditions from USB_ANALOG_USB0_CHRG_DETECT_STATUS register:

  • nothing is connected to USB: PLUG_CONTACT = CHRG_DETECTED = DM_STATE = DP_STATE = 1 (all the 4 bits to 1)

  • a dedicated charger is connected: PLUG_CONTACT = 0 CHRG_DETECTED = DM_STATE = DP_STATE = 1 (three bits to 1 and one bit to 0)

  • a host device (my laptop): PLUG_CONTACT = DM_STATE = DP_STATE = 0 CHRG_DETECTED = 1(three bits to 0 and one bit to 1)

Some questions came out:

  1. how does bit CHRG_DET_STATUS in USB_ANALOG_USB0_CHRG_DETECT register works? This is a read-only bit, but it's always zero (even if the charger is conneted).

  2. based on reference manual, PLUG_CONTACT bit should be 0 when the USB plug has not been contacted, but in my test it's the opposite. How it is supposed to work?